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Three days left to help a scribe

My writing self (shown via this Carole Lombard pic) re-emerges today, as I ask your help in the inaugural Rom Com Fest's screenplay competition.

A celebration of the genre that Lombard, William Powell, Myrna Loy, Cary Grant and so many others helped establish in the Golden Age -- one that remains popular with filmgoers -- next month's event not only will show rom-coms of the distant ("His Girl Friday") and more recent ("10 Things I Hate About You") past, but new films continuing the tradition. As part of the proceedings, 71 scripts are up for competition, with the winner to get a table read June 22.

The winning screenplay will be announced June 1, chosen by a panel from a list of 10 finalists selected by the public. I have two of the 71 entered -- "Stand Tall!", a sweet-natured homage to the sci-fi subgenre of "giant woman" movies...

...and "Fugitive Sweetheart," which blends romance, humor and a thrilling chase through the heartland:

Here's how you can help me:

You're under no further obligation, and as stated above, it's free. Set up an account at http://www.scriptd.com. For more on the event, including links to schedule and ticket information, visit https://www.romcomfest.com/

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