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'Twentieth Century' as the comedy of life

Carole Lombard's only overlap of pre-Code and screwball comedy, "Twentieth Century," enabled her to evolve from featured player to bona fide star. But this sophisticated Broadway satire had different titles in other countries whose citizens didn't know the Twentieth Century was the name of a fabled American passenger train.

In Spain, for example, the film was known as "La Comedia de La Vida," aka "The Comedy Of Life." Sort of generic from a U.S. perspective, but it conveys the movie's absurd comedic tone.

That's one side of a Spanish-language herald for the film. This rendering of Lombard and leading man John Barrymore is the other:

This herald measures 4.5" x 6.1", folded. It's in very fine to near mint condition and is said to have been issued for its first Spanish release. That specific date isn't shown at the Internet Movie Database, but other premiere dates in Europe range from mid-September 1934 (Sweden) to May 1935 (Portugal).

This rarity is offered from a seller in Barcelona for $178.99. If you're interested, check it out at https://www.ebay.com/itm/PTEB-057-TWENTIETH-CENTURY-CAROLE-LOMBARD-HAWKS-SPANISH-dbl-HERALD-MINI-POSTER/153406900007?hash=item23b7c38727.

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