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So, what did she think about Hollywood?

It's 1935 and Carole Lombard, a favorite of fan magazines for her blend of beauty and outspokenness, is a frequent subject for interviews. One of them has this tantalizing title...

..."What Carole Lombard Thinks About Hollywood." It's from someone named Marcella Burke and begins on page 40 of the August 1935 issue of Screen Play.

And therein lies the problem. Screen Play isn't among the fanmags available to the Media History Digital Library. There's Screenland, Silver Screen and even a limited run of Screen Mirror... but no Screen Play, alas.

Nor could I find it via checking on Marcella Burke, but I discovered she and Lombard apparently have something in common if this is the same Burke in question. Burke also was nominated for an Academy Award in 1938 for Best Writing, Original Story, for the Deanna Durbin vehicle "Mad About Music." (She co-wrote it with Frederick Kohner.)

As for that August 1935 issue, its cover subject was Ginger Rogers...

...and an ad for Chesterfield cigarettes ("They satisfy") was on the back:

The good news: This issue is available on eBay, it's fair to good condition (complete, I hope) and bidding opens at $16.39 US (12.50 in British currency). The bad news: Bidding ends at 10:56 a.m. (Eastern) Saturday, so you don't have much time. Go to https://www.ebay.com/itm/1935-Movie-Magazine-SCREEN-PLAY-JEAN-HARLOW-GEORGE-RAFT-CAROLE-LOMBARD/163574688340?hash=item2615cfaa54 to bid or learn more.

And if you're the winner, please copy the Lombard article to us so we can learn what she had to say.

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