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How about some Lombard film posters?

If you went to see Carole perform on the big screen in those pre-multiplex days, here are some examples of what you may have seen promote the film outside the theater:

From "Brief Moment," done on a loanout to Columbia.

From "Bolero," a 1934 pre-Code dance film with George Raft that also featured an appearance by Sally Rand of fan dance fame.

A poster advertising the 1938 "Fools For Scandal," Carole's lone foray at Warners and a poorly received film that temporarily derailed her comedic career.

Here's one for "The Gay Bride," the only film Lombard made at MGM. She called it the worst movie she ever made, though for my money this "Married To The Mob" precursor is a far better film than "Fools For Scandal."

Carole promoting "Virtue" -- the film's title, that is, not necessarily the concept. Another pre-Code charmer, this one at Columbia.

Her only film with Clark Gable, "No Man Of Her Own," years before they became romantically intertwined. Did you know the film was initially titled "No Bed Of Her Own," with Miriam Hopkins in the Lombard role? (One of the conditions of MGM's loanout of Gable to Paramount was that he receive top billing, and Hopkins thus dropped out.)

For "Sinners In The Sun," a pre-Code Paramount programmer.

Finally, a poster for "We're Not Dressing," a musical take on "The Admirable Crichton" that co-starred Bing Crosby, with support from Ethel Merman, George Burns and Gracie Allen; a young Ray Milland had a supporting role.
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