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Of June and moon and rom-coms...

While romantic comedies have been part of Hollywood's cinematic diet since Carole Lombard and Fred MacMurray starred in 1935's "Hands Across The Table" -- heck, the genre dates back to silent days -- to many current moviegoers, rom-coms (a newer term) began 30 years ago with "When Harry Met Sally," then sort of fizzled out early in this decade.

But thanks to the surprise success last year of "Crazy Rich Asians" and several Netflix releases (https://carole-and-co.livejournal.com/945570.html), the genre is making a comeback. To celebrate, an inaugural festival honoring romantic comedies has been scheduled:

It's set for the month of weddings, the traditional happy ending for many rom-coms:

As its website notes...

Rom Com Fest is a festival that celebrates womanhood, love, and life through film and experiences.

Does that seem a bit gender-specific, as if rom-coms are being conflated with the dreaded term "chick flicks"? I hope not, since men can be romantic too (have we forgotten that?). It goes on to say...

There is a film festival for everything, and now is a time for rom coms to get the recognition they deserve. We will screen empowered and uplifting stories, with a mix of classic + new films.

I'm glad that classic films will be included in this festival, with hopes at least one Lombard title will appear -- maybe "Hands Across The Table" or "My Man Godfrey," the latter arguably the greatest screwball of them all...

...or another gem from William Powell's apex year of 1936, the (literally) four-star newspaper comedy "Libeled Lady":

Also scheduled are romantic experiences (including desserts!) and a screenplay competition -- https://filmfreeway.com/RomComFest -- with the winning script selected for a table read. And yes, this screenwriter entered, with...

Learn more about the event at https://www.romcomfest.com/; buy badges for the festival (prices range from $55 to $150) at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/rom-com-fest-tickets-55872069865.

Look forward to seeing you there. Perhaps Mr. & Mrs. Smith (the 1941 version) will drop by.


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