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Photographed as a photographer

Came across this Carole Lombard image of her on the shooting side of a camera nearly a month ago, one somebody marked as being from 1938. I thought nothing of it at the time, until coming across this yesterday:

Moreover, the pic, from David Trimboli, had this snipe on the reverse:

"Carol Lombard, Pathe player, is also an amateur movie enthusiast and is quite proud of her modern camera equipment, which includes one of the new Bell and Howell Model 70-D Filmo and a Thalhammer Tripod."

The cloche hat -- the de rigueur millinery of the late '20s -- should've signaled to me this wasn't the Lombard of 1938. (BTW, I'm guessing the photos are both from that shoot since her face and hands are a bit different in each one.)

This must've been a popular home-use silent camera of the time (the technology hadn't yet advanced for a sound camera to be that compact), as this Bell & Howell advertisement David provided from the July 6, 1929 Literary Digest attests:

Given Carole's studious work on cinematography as she recovered from her 1926 automobile accident, it makes sense she'd try some picture-taking of her own. I'd love to come across some of her home movies from this time.

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