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Show Lombard's legs some love

On New Year's Eve, I asked readers to help put Carole Lombard in the Celebrity Legs Hall of Fame (http://community.livejournal.com/carole_and_co/63998.html) -- and yes, those are indeed her silk-stockinged gams shown above.

Nearly four months have gone by, and Carole's enshrinement hasn't yet happened. And it's not as if there's a backlog of honorees, because right now there aren't any.

Perhaps you missed the entry because it was during the holidays, or you weren't a member of this group then. No matter -- all that are needed to put Carole in this celebrity group of several hundred are 10 votes...ten measly votes.

The list of current hall entrants can be found at http://www.aeolia.net/legs/hof.htm. Many of Carole's Golden Age contemporaries have been selected; even fellow Fort Wayne native Shelley Long has received a nod. So why not Lombard?

To make things even easier for you, we'll provide a direct e-mail address to vote for Carole. Ground rules are pretty simple:

* You may vote for any female celebrity who has been in the public eye for at least five years -- that is, who became famous in 2003 or earlier. Celebrities of any profession, nationality, or time period are eligible.

* You may vote for as many different women as you want, but you may vote for any particular woman only once. Multiple votes for the same woman by the same voter will be disregarded.

* Only votes coming from valid e-mail addresses will be counted, in order to prevent people from "stuffing the ballot box" by voting from fake addresses.

Fair enough? Then send your vote for Lombard (and anyone else) to andrewcrossett@earthlink.net. Think of it as doing your part to honor Carole in the centennial year of her birth.

Oh, and here's that picture above in full...

...as well as a few others featuring those lovely Lombard legs:


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