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Closing out '37 with a 'Confession' in the UK

All things considered, 1937 was probably the peak year of Carole Lombard as movie draw. (From 1939 on, she'd chiefly be viewed as Mrs. Clark Gable, something she full well understood.)

It began with the Silver Screen cover in January '37, fresh off the success of "My Man Godfrey," and close to year's end, Carole had not one, but two screwball vehicles in theaters, not just in the U.S. but overseas.

One of those countries was Great Britain, where one of its prime movie mags, the weekly Picturegoer, put Carole on its cover for the Dec. 4 issue:

It proclaimed "Lombard goes wild -- again!", and readers got the lowdown inside -- a two-page spread on her latest (and what would be her last) film for Paramount, "True Confession":

Thanks to Jean Hunter of the Facebook site "Clark Gable: Original King of Hollywood" for tracking these down.

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