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"Fools" for linenbacking

As I've stated before, "Fools For Scandal" is hardly my idea of an ideal Carole Lombard film. Lombard never really establishes a genuine chemistry with co-star Fernand Gravet, and Warner Bros. doesn't quite have a feel for the late 1930s screwball comedy genre she made her mark in. Even the Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart tunes are lackluster.

Nevertheless, a few good things came out of that movie -- even if it did derail Carole's career momentum and send her scrambling into dramas for a year or two. That attractive publicity still above, for instance. Or how about this poster?

Say what you want about the aesthetic merits of the film; the merits of this poster are many. It's 27" x 41", linenbacked and restored, and gorgeous. Whomever worked on the restoration did a wonderful job.

It's listed in "very good" condition, and if you like it, you can buy it -- for a mere $799.99 (not including shipping and mailing charges). Simply go to http://item.express.ebay.com/FOOLS-FOR-SCANDAL-Carole-Lombard-1938-Linenbacked_W0QQitemZ250131567589QQihZ015QQcmdZExpressItem

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