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'Short, fat and funny' (and fired?). Carole talks, December 1932

By late 1932, much of the romance between Carole Lombard and William Powell had dissipated (though not the affection), but they managed to put up a good front when the press came calling. So it was they December, when Harry Brundidge, a writer for the St. Louis Star and Times, dropped by to interview Carole at the couple's home in Beverly Hills. The story ran on Dec. 20.

I'd never come across this until recently, when I was researching "No Man Of Her Own." It's a fascinating interview, a snapshot of Lombard at a pivotal time in her life. Here's the story in full, frankly reproduced too small for anyone to read:

Love that banner headline!

So what I've done is taken sections of the piece and copied them, with hopes the entire story will be legible, if not at identical scale. Enjoy.

"Be funny woman in pictures"? In 1911, if any women were seen on screen, they really weren't known as comediennes. Young Jane Alice Peters' first film idols were the likes of Kathlyn Williams, whose stardom didn't come until a few years later.

The writer got Carole's age right (she was 24 in 1932), but probably listed her height with heels on (in the decades-old debate over Lombard's stature, Brundidge lists her at 5-foot-5 1/2).

Was Clark Gable being civil with his comments on Carole, or was this the spark of something that would ignite years later? Also, Lombard went to Fairfax High School, not rival Los Angeles High. Perhaps she was referring to attending high school in LA.

A nice anecdote about Lombard and Chaplin, and good stuff on her time at Fox.

If Carole had forgotten the year of her wedding (it was 1931), no wonder the marriage was in trouble. (Or Brundidge screwed up his notes.) And was this the dog Lombard was talking about, her malamute Basco?

Wonder which stars readers suggested he interview?

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