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Something new in the Field(s)

Over the years, Carole Lombard was pictured with many Hollywood contemporaries, but here's a "teaming" I've never seen before -- Lombard alongside W.C. Fields.

Carole and the comic curmudgeon were hardly strangers; both worked at Paramount in the early and mid-1930s and likely crossed paths at one time or another. But until today, I'd never seen them in the same photo.

The setting almost certainly is NBC radio's "Chase & Sanborn Hour," where both appeared multiple times. That's Charlie McCarthy, who lusted after Lombard (in a nice way, of course), exchanging glances with her, as ventriloquist Edgar Bergen (Candice's dad, though she didn't arrive until the mid-forties) looks on. This pic is probably from 1936 or '37. (Learn more about Carole's relationship with Charlie at https://carole-and-co.livejournal.com/664810.html.)

What's funny about this photo is that the seller doesn't at all identify Fields, though it's obviously him, probably planning his next insult about Charlie's wooden origins.

Carole and Charlie have been pictured together a few times, but adding Fields to the equation makes this pic unique -- and rare (it's an 8" x 10" reprint, not an original). And it can be yours.

It's up for auction at eBay, Bidding opens at $12.99, with the auction closing at 6:58 p.m. (Eastern) Saturday. You can place your bid, or find out more, by visiting https://www.ebay.com/itm/CHARLIE-MCCARTHY-PUPPET-EDGAR-BERGEN-CAROLE-LOMBARD-8X10-PHOTO/192705992599?hash=item2cde2c1797:g:1h4AAOSwzZNb15CY:rk:20:pf:0.

So don't be a dummy -- check out this rarity.

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