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Keeping it under her hat

This Carole Lombard portrait is Paramount p1202-178, from sometime in 1931, picturing her in a stylish dark hat. I knew of at least two other p1202s taken at that session -- p1202-172...

...and p1202-174:

But a Facebook entry at a Lombard site grouping the "hat" photos revealed the existence of yet another in the series -- one shown without a p1202 number:

It may, for all intents and purposes, been considered an "outtake" by Paramount publicists, not worthy of inclusion in the p1202 series (that was Lombard's code number as a "Paramount player"). Was one ever issued with such a number? Just a question I'm hoping some Carole collector can answer.

And after someone answers that, perhaps he or she can supply the p1202 number for this alluring swimsuit shot. It's impossible to ascertain, and has vexed me for years.


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