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Portuguese, please

Carole Lombard was at her peak of popularity in 1937. Coming off what would be her lone Academy Award nomination for "My Man Godfrey" and gaining headlines for her romance with unhappily-married Clark Gable, she'd come a long way from the all-purpose fashion plate people perceived her as at the start of 1934.

And while she'd long been a popular magazine cover subject, such appearances were increasing. Take this magazine from Portugal, for example:

it's the Oct. 25, 1937 issue of Cine-Jornal, a Portuguese film publication. European star Elsa Rumina is on the back cover:

Inside the covers is lots and lots of Hollywood, like Mae West...

...Ginger Rogers (wonder if she ever faced Carole in tennis?)...

...Gable and the late Jean Harlow in "Saratoga"...

...a feature on the Balanchine Girls...

...an ad for Gable, Joan Crawford and Franchot Tone in "Love On The Run"...

...and an article on Luise Rainer:

The magazine is 16 pages, has some wear from age, but is complete.

If you can read Portuguese, you might want to buy this; it goes for $44.99. To bid or learn more, visit https://www.ebay.com/itm/CAROLE-LOMBARD-Front-Cover-1937-Jean-Harlow-Clark-Gable-Mae-West-Ginger-Rogers/283191378905?hash=item41ef8583d9:g:NUIAAOSwA~1bqgXQ#viTabs_0.

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