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But wait...there's more! (Carole on Blu-ray, that is)

If you, the Carole Lombard fan, were thrilled to learn the particulars yesterday of the "My Man Godfrey" Blu-ray that's just been released, well, as Al Jolson said, you ain't heard nothin' yet.

In mid-November -- roughly five weeks after the 110th anniversary of Lombard's birth -- two more Blu-rays of her films will be issued. Both are from her Selznick-International period, the 1937 Technicolor comedy "Nothing Sacred"...

...and the 1939 slice-of-life drama "Made For Each Other":

Each will hit the streets Nov. 13. In the words of the late, great Sam Cooke, "ain't that good news, man, ain't that news."

I have yet to learn how the visuals compare to the earlier Blu-ray version (https://carole-and-co.livejournal.com/470398.html), but one of its extras promises to be tantalizing -- audio commentary from William Wellman Jr., son of its famed director. (Junior reportedly sat on Lombard's lap during production.) The original theatrical trailer will also be included.

I'm similarly in the dark about the audio/visual quality of this new "Made For Each Other," Lombard's lone cinematic pairing with James Stewart (they teamed a few times on radio). However, I do know it's a new HD master of a 2K scan. One of the extras is an audio commentary by film historian Lee Gambin.

All in all, a surfeit of riches for Lombard fans.

Order "Nothing Sacred" at https://www.klstudioclassics.com/product/view/id/5755; get "Made For Each Other" at https://www.klstudioclassics.com/product/view/id/5759.

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