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Carole quintupled, en Espanol

How did I miss this Carole Lombard image all these years?

I never knew about it until yesterday, when this made the rounds of the Facebook site "Clark Gable: Original King of Hollywood" (https://www.facebook.com/groups/163547547571479/), administered by FB friend Jean Hunter. Needless to say, I was knocked over; it's gorgeous.

Carole's been shown in multiple form before, mostly peering at her reflection in a mirror, but sometimes employing the miracle of trick photography to appear as twins, as she did evoking sisters Lillian and Dorothy Gish in 1922's "Orphans Of The Storm":

But even putting those poses together results in one fewer Lombard than you get in the top photo. I've never seen an English-language version of that shot -- but thanks to online Spanish-to-English translators, I don't need to. Its message:

Beautiful Paramount actress who plays in the film "Ladies' Man" the suggestive role of a young woman who is capable of feeling great passions and at the same time look at life with the boredom of someone who has already lived intensely.

Do all five of her feel that way?

This ran in the August 1931 issue of Mensajero Paramount (Paramount Messenger), a Spanish-language studio house organ. Here's the page in its entirety:

The 1931-1932 volume of this is available via the Media History Digital Library, and I intend to use it for future insights in my "Cinematic Sundays" series.

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