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Gotta get 'Fast And Loose'? Here are four ways how

Last week's subject in our "Carole Lombard Cinematic Sundays" series was "Fast And Loose," her second film for Paramount and the only movie she made in New York. While there's been talk this 1930 comedy -- for which Preston Sturges assisted on dialogue -- may soon receive an official DVD release from Universal (which controls rights to most pre-1948 Paramount product), I haven't found any word of it.

I saw "Fast And Loose" many years ago at Theatre 80 St. Marks in lower Manhattan, when it showed vintage movies (https://carole-and-co.livejournal.com/29850.html). It had its charms, as Lombard's only teaming with character actor extraordinaire Frank Morgan and the film debut of Broadway star Miriam Hopkins, whom over the next 11 years would vie with Carole for roles.

How can you see it? Well, it's apparently available in full length via a Russian website, but I can't vouch for its quality. Neither can I guarantee likewise for four DVD versions of "Fast And Loose," but here goes:

* eBay is selling a used version in the public domain, said to be in "good" condition. There's no artwork of any kind aside from a title. It sells for $7.99, and you can purchase it at https://www.ebay.com/itm/FAST-AND-LOOSE-1930-Pre-code-Comedy-w-Miriam-Hopkins-Carole-Lombard/352449850071?hash=item520fa5ead7:g:wK0AAOSwuTxV~Uod.

* The site moviedetective.net has a copy, also region-free without case or artwork, for $11. Check it out at https://www.moviedetective.net/product_p/fast.htm.

* "Loving The Classics" has five public domain copies available as of this writing; each is $14.95, though I believe the site has a 25 percent off sale on PD films. This is somewhat better packaged than the other two, though its print quality is rated as "B." For additional information, go to https://www.lovingtheclassics.com/by-title/f/fast-and-loose-1930.html.

* Finally, amazon.com has a copy available for $19.98, although its copy is identical to the description from "Loving The Classics." It can be found at https://www.amazon.com/Fast-Loose-Miriam-Hopkins/dp/B00J127QXC.

As I said, there's no assurance any of these copies will be top-grade. But if you're a Carole completist, try your luck. Carole and Ilka Chase await your arrival.

And tomorrow, see the next installment in "Cinematic Sundays" -- 1931's "It Pays To Advertise."

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