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Heralding Carole in India

Carole Lombard and James Stewart had fine rapport, enough for them to team on a few radio adaptations. But they made only one film together -- Selznick International's "Made For Each Other," released in January 1939. It marked a departure for Lombard, whose previous film, Warners' "Fools For Scandal," drew middling audience reaction. Here, Carole largely abandoned comedy to show off her dramatic chops, and while some fans didn't like her shift in persona, "Made For Each Other" turned out to be a hit.

Stewart, nearing top-tier stardom -- he had just come off "You Can't Take It With You" -- certainly played a role, as 1939 would be huge for him. (Later that year, he made "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington" and "Destry Rides Again," and the Lubitsch classic "The Shop Around The Corner" kicked off a similarly successful 1940.)

A rarity from the film is now available at eBay -- a herald for the movie:

Its size isn't listed, but I'm guessing it to be in the 6" x 8" range. Since the seller is from India, I presume that's where the herald was produced, judging from the British-style font used on the back:

The dates correspond to a 1939 calendar. Through cinematreasures.org, I found one theater in India named "Capitol" -- it's in Mumbai (the city oldsters such as myself still refer to as "Bombay"), across from a major rail terminal. It opened as a stage theater in 1879, converted to full-time film use in January 1928 and continues operating today.

The herald is listed in "average" condition. You can purchase it straight up for $75 or make an offer. Learn more by visiting https://www.ebay.com/itm/HOLLYWOOD-US-MOVIE-HERALD-MADE-FOR-EACH-OTHER-CAROLE-LOMBARD-JAMES-STEWART/323410132205?hash=item4b4cbefced:g:1t8AAOSwsiZbRaCo.

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