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Fall fashion for '35

A previously unseen Carole Lombard p1202 portrait is always something to behold, and so it is with this one, Paramount p1202-1273. Even better, we have the snipe on the back, which explains it all. Witness:

If you can't read the wording, it says:

"THIS KNIFE-PLEATED BLACK CREPE -- is smartly worn for daytime by Carole Lombard, Paramount star in 'Hands Across The Table.' Over this new Molyneux frock Carole wears a sumptuous cape of cross fox which dissolves into a point in back. Her hat is a saucy cap of black velvet into which she pins a huge star sapphire brooch which adds a startling highlight. Her gloves, bag and shoes are black antelope."

Aside from the fox and antelope, which I doubt a 2018 version of Lombard would wear, it still looks stylish.

From the date above the snipe, it appears this was received by the Newspaper Enterprise Association on Nov. 19, 1935.

This is being sold for $74.95 straight up, or you can make an offer. There's slight wear and minor creasing in this 8" x 10"...but on the other hand, it's a relatively rare Lombard p1202.

Want to go for it, or find out more? Then go to https://www.ebay.com/itm/CAROLE-LOMBARD-gorgeous-vintage-sexy-leggy-1935-Paramount-glamour-pinup-photo/223104625486?hash=item33f2126b4e:g:DxEAAOSwNN9bdLRz:sc:USPSFirstClass!90044!US!-1.

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