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A 'case history' of Carole

At the beginning of 1939, Carole Lombard was effectively a car stopped at a red light, awaiting the signal to turn green so she could marry Clark Gable. While she waited, a publication I heretofore hadn't heard of ran a two-page pictorial of her.

I don't know anything about a magazine called Glamour of Hollywood, but I do know this ran in its March 1939 issue:

The earliest of these seven photos (bottom left, first page) appears to be from 1930 or '31, at the start of Lombard's Paramount tenure. The ensuing pictures shows her gradually evolving into a more sophisticated persona, one fully evident to all by early 1939.

The copy reads:

"They knew they had a pretty girl. And they made her blatantly so, accenting the size rather than the beauty of her eyes, giving her too-thin brows, an ordinary coiffure. That was the Lombard as we first saw her. Then small changes were made, gradual ones, as these pictures show. Result: a woman with a lovely face framed by the softest of blonde hair; with natural brows winging out over fine eyes, with impeccable make-up, exquisite clothes. For Carole Lombard has become a great beauty in the American tradition, merry and natural, a glamour girl, and a very distinguished one."

Sufficiently distinguished to finally land filmdom's box-office king by the end of March.

Many thanks to Jean Hunter, who first ran this at the Gable Facebook site, "Clark Gable: Original King Of Hollywood" (https://www.facebook.com/groups/163547547571479/) for allowing me to reprint this.

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