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'Motion Picture', November 1931: Carole as cover girl

This enchanting Marland Stone artwork of Carole Lombard graced the cover of the November 1931 issue of Motion Picture magazine. And while there's no inside article expressly about her, there are some other Lombard tidbits.

For example, she's mentioned in a story about hometown folk (in this case, "hometown" refers to Los Angeles, not Fort Wayne, Ind.) who made good:

Writer Malcolm Elliot saw many of these stars-to-be at the Ambassador several years earlier. Here's what he remembers about Carole:

"Carole Lombard -- only I knew her as Jane Peters -- was another girl who frequented the Ambassador. And was she proper? She was naive and formal and quiet. Her mother usually came along as chaperon. In those days she was going to Los Angeles High School and her hair wasn't golden blonde. The Peterses had money -- not a great deal, but enough. Carole deserves the classification of "society girl" much more than many of the screen's recruits from "debutante" ranks. There is no hooey about her background.
"Carole's personality has changed completely. The hearty laugh and good-fellow business -- and they're rea -- have been developed since she entered pictures. I'm very fond of her, but I get all mixed up between Jane Peters and Carole Lombard."

Aside from the high school error (Lombard attended Fairfax High School on Melrose, not Los Angeles High on Olympic), a believable observation. Jane and Carole might occupy the same body, but they're as dissimilar as Clark Kent and Superman.

Lombard was several months into her marriage with William Powell, and had a stepson in the process, William Jr. (although he spent most of his time with Bill's ex). We get a sense of Carole's relationship with him in this article:

"William Powell's ten-year-old son William Powell Jr. is in the custody of Powell's former wife, Eileen WIlson. For years Bill did not see the boy at all, but he has always provided generously for his living and school expenses. Last year, just before he met Carole Lombard, Powell wrote and requested that his son be permitted to come to California to attend a local military school. He and young Bill grew to be very good friends and often went on all-day expeditions together.
"A week before Powell and Carole Lombard were to be married, he invited Bill Jr. to dine with them. Later, when asked how his prospective new bride and young Powell had hit it off together, the father made a wistful remark. 'It is often difficult,' he said, 'to get all the threads of one's life pulling in the same direction.'"

Remember, Powell Jr. was born at about the time Lombard became a teenager.

Bill and Carole never had kids of their own -- but if this anecdote is true, someone briefly believed it was in their plans:

"When Carole Lombard and Bill Powell got off the honeymoon boat from Honolulu (how we dote on that place), they went straight to the house Carole's mother had rented for them. No sooner were they inside the door then they saw a big truck drive up in front of the house and begun emptying things on the sidewalk. Out came a very nifty baby carriage. Then a crib. Then a rubber bathtub. All being deposited right on the Powell front lawn.
"There was consternation in the welcome-home party. Even Carole and Bill were alarmed for a moment. Just then two solemn truckmen picked up the things and carried them into the house across the street. And another panic was averted."

Speaking of Powell, his portrait appeared in that issue:

So was a capsule review for "No One Man," Carole's first top-billed feature vehicle -- even though it wouldn't be released until Jan. 22, 1932! Was its release pushed back a few months (it's considered one of Lombard's weakest films)? Or did someone from the magazine write it before seeing the finished product?

The review: "No One Man -- Carole Lombard goes on toward stardom as a sophisticated girl who likes all men, but loves none -- at least till the end. (Para.)

This magazine, in very good condition aside from some minor wear, is available on eBay for an opening bid of $25 in Canadian currency (as of this writing $18.99 US). The auction ends at 12:54 p.m. (Eastern) next Sunday. Interested? Then go to https://www.ebay.com/itm/Movie-Magazine-Motion-Picture-11-31-Carole-Lombard-cover/312189871878?hash=item48aff76706%3Ag%3AC5EAAOSwp7tbS3tq&_sop=10&_nkw=carole+lombard&_sacat=0&_from=R40&rt=nc.

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