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One more party pic

We've run a few pictures from the huge party Carole Lombard threw at an oceanside amusement park in June 1935 (http://community.livejournal.com/carole_and_co/83718.html). Well, here's another one:

Who's accompanying Carole? Glad you asked.

On the left are Clive Brook and his wife, Mildred Evelyn. The London-born Brook was a successful play on the British stage before going into movies in the 1920s; he came to America in 1924 and appeared in such films as "Underworld," "Shanghai Express" and "Cavalcade." He also made several appearances as Sherlock Holmes. Brook's last film was 1963's "The List Of Adrian Messenger"; he died in November 1974 at age 87. His wife appeared in a handful of films, most notably "The Constant Nymph" in 1943.

On the right, next to Lombard, is Warner Baxter, a major star in the 1920s and 1930s. He won an Oscar for playing the Cisco Kid in "In Old Arizona," the first major talkie western, and Lombard was his co-star in a sequel of sorts, "The Arizona Kid" in 1930. Baxter also starred in "42nd Street" and "The Prisoner Of Shark Island." In the 1940s, he starred in the successful "Crime Doctor" series. He died of pneumonia in 1951.

At the far right is producer Walter Wanger (the name rhymes with "stranger"), whose films included "Private Worlds," "Stagecoach," "Foreign Correspondent" and the original "Invasion Of The Body Snatchers." He wed Joan Bennett in 1940, a marriage that lasted a quarter-century, and in 1951 he shot Bennett's agent, Jennings Lang, in the groin when he discovered they were having an affair; he was imprisoned on an attempted murder charge. Wanger's last production was the Elizabeth Taylor-Richard Burton "Cleopatra" in 1963, five years before his death at age 74.

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