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Some 'Sennett girls'...including Carole

One reason Mack Sennett hired Carole Lombard in 1927, despite an automobile accident the year before that derailed a budding career at Fox, was that Lombard had a superb figure and looked great in a swimsuit. (She makes that evident above as has her nose powdered between takes of "The Swim Princess.") It wasn't the first time an actress has been hired for that reason, nor will it be the last (apologies to the #MeToo movement).

While Lombard was among the many proud Sennett alumni, only one session with the pair pictured together is known. (We use the term "session" because at least two slightly different photos of them is known to exist.) One of them just surfaced on eBay:

It's taken on a southern California beach, which begs the question: Why wasn't Carole in swimwear? (Perhaps her character wasn't in this scene.) Thankfully, we know who most of the rest are: From left, they're Kathryn Stanley, Leota Winters, Madeline Hurlock, unknown man, Lombard (then 19), Nancy Cornelius, Marie Pergain, Sennett and unknown man.

We also have the back of the photo:

Perhaps "Milton Aureau" is one of the unknown men pictured, or the owner of the photo at the time. (Might he have represented Sennett interests in New Orleans?) And if "Sennett Girls" was written on the pic then, could the owner have imagined what heights one of those "girls" would reach within the next decade?

This 8" x 10" vintage is in extreme mint condition. There's some light wear, but that's about it.

Bidding opens at $99.95, with the auction closing at 10:23 p.m. (Eastern) Wednesday. Interested? Learn more at https://www.ebay.com/itm/CAROLE-LOMBARD-MACK-SENNETT-BATHING-BEAUTIES-original-movie-photo-1928/372342691481?hash=item56b15a9699:g:Tf8AAOSwCHBbKwwq.
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