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Carole and canines

Carole Lombard was an animal lover, no doubt about it. And to prove it, here are several photos of Carole with dogs. (We'll get to other species later, promise.)

That canine in the lower left is Pushface, a Pekinese who was probably Lombard's best-known pet, and appeared with her in the 1936 film "Love Before Breakfast."

On another note, let me put in a good word for someone who just made some nice comments about my site. He's Billy Mernit, a writer who's as knowledgeable as anyone about the romantic comedy genre (in his film industry job as a story analyst, he's read thousands of screenplays). His book, "Writing the Romantic Comedy," is an absolute must for anyone looking to write one. He also has a blog, "Living the Romantic Comedy," which is always engaging, particularly for those of us who appreciate the creative process. Check it out at http://www.livingromcom.typepad.com/
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