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To this lovely Lombard pic: We've got your number

And it's RKO CL-90. (See it in the lower right-hand corner?)

This Carole Lombard photo was taken by Fred Hendrickson in summer 1939 at the Encino ranch Carole had bought (with her money) for herself and new husband Clark Gable. (He had plenty of money too, but used much of it as alimony for second wife Ria.) Lombard looks so happy here, doesn't she?

If there was one of those snipes on the back (with the infamous type RKO used for its photos), it was either pulled off or fell off. Instead, the reverse has a stamp showing it was property of the Newspaper Enterprise Association (N.E.A.):

And the stamp apparently indicates it wasn't used until May 1941.

It's an 8" x 10" described in good condition -- used, shows lots of wear, several to many flaws. Nevertheless, it's still a stunner nearly 80 years later. The photo is available for $139.95, and it can be yours. Learn more by visiting https://www.ebay.com/itm/BEAUTIFUL-CAROLE-LOMBARD-ON-HER-RANCH-1939-PHOTO-BY-FRED-HENDRICKSON/323302782342?hash=item4b4658f586:g:ESkAAOxyzGlQ6prN.

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