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For Clark and Carole, a Coke and a smile

It's no secret that Carole Lombard enjoyed drinking Coca-Cola, back in the day when the soda came in the ubiquitous 6 1/2 ounce bottles with a greenish tint. (It always was fun to examine the bottom of the bottle when through to see the location of the Coke bottler that originally produced it.) Here's more proof of the Carole-Coke connection:

She may even have appeared in an ad for the soda, as an image may indicate (https://carole-and-co.livejournal.com/199573.html).

Now, another Coca-Cola and Carole pic has surfaced -- and this one's got Clark Gable in it, too. In fact, I discovered its existence through Rachel Cohen Ellis and her fine Gable Facebook site "Clark Gable: Original King of Hollywood." It was put up nearly three months ago, taken late in 1932, and shows Clark, Carole and others taking time out between takes of "No Man Of Her Own" at Paramount:

The pose leads me to believe it might've been used, or planned, for a Coca-Cola ad. See this pic with the cast of MGM's "Dinner At Eight" the following year:

And an ad in 1934 used "the Lubitsch touch" to sell soda:

Not that "No Man Of Her Own" -- hardly a prestige picture despite Gable's loanout from MGM -- had the projected box-office power of "Dinner At Eight" or "The Merry Widow." Moreover, as 1932 closed, Gable and Lombard weren't linked to each other (either in the public eye or in real life). So perhaps the above photo wasn't fodder for a future ad, but merely cast and crew taking a well-earned break. Whatever, it's a delightful discovery.

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