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'Dressing' twice with Bing

"We're Not Dressing" was Carole Lombard's opportunity to cash in as a Bing Crosby co-star. While Mae West's saucy comedies get plenty of credit (and deservedly so) for helping Paramount get out of bankruptcy at the nadir of the Depression, Crosby's string of musicals also were consistent moneymakers for the studio.

Two original photos of Crosby with Carole -- neither of which I believe I've ever seen before -- are up for sale at eBay. Both are 8" x 10" silver gelatin vintage prints.

The above pic goes for $79; you can buy it now, or make an offer. Get the specifics at https://www.ebay.com/itm/Carole-Lombard-Bing-Crosby-Romantic-ORINGINAL-1934-Art-Deco-Glamour-Photo/372322459569?hash=item56b025dfb1.

Here's the other one, showing Carole as haughty heiress Doris Worthington listening to sailor Bing play his ukulele:

Unlike the other, it has promotional information about the movie at bottom. Its sales info is similar, although the "buy it now" price is a mere $49. Find out more at https://www.ebay.com/itm/Carole-Lombard-Bing-Crosby-Romantic-ORINGINAL-1934-Glamour-Photo-J1077/372322459602?hash=item56b025dfd2.

Finally, some additional memorabilia from the recent Die Laughing Film Festival I took part in. First of all, visual proof I indeed won an award for Best Character for my Colleen Cossitt in "Stand Tall!" (Heck, Colleen's even listed first, though she insists she did not use her 16-foot-1 1/8 stature to coerce the judges into giving her lead billing.) The screenplay awards are at top, followed by the movie awards:

I expect to soon receive a photo of me and my award...but in the meantime, the festival did release a group shot of its participants. See if you can find me:


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