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Confession -- Carole's indirectly inspired a font. Is it your type?

Yes, Carole Lombard, I'm as surprised by the news as you are -- but while "True Confession" may have a mixed legacy, her final Paramount film lives on...in print, though you won't find it used on any typewriter.

"What is he talking about?", you wonder. Well, check the opening title card to that 1937 comedy:

Paramount's Hans Dreier (an Ernst Lubitsch acolyte) and Robert Usher devised the film's artwork, and this font is certainly '30s stylish. A guy named Harold Lohner who loves fonts (he's been creating them for more than two decades) used it as a base for an entire typeface, which he labelled..."True Confession." He calls it "a delicate and lively font that suggests Art Deco metalwork."

The entire font, or at least the letters:

Above, it's listed as "regular," which may mean there also are bold and italic versions of the font (Didn't see them, though.)

The site enables you to take a "test drive," so I thought I'd use it to promote my site...

While I certainly wouldn't use it as a font for stationery, it could be useful in ads, posters, any time you want a nostalgic, between-the-wars tone.

Learn more about it at http://haroldsfonts.com/portfolio/true-confession/. You can give it a test run, with a link to purchase it, at http://www.fontbros.com/families/true-confession/styles/regular. Heck, even Leonard Maltin (no fan of the film, though he otherwise adores Lombard) might like this font.

Finally, did you know a song titled "True Confession" was a pop hit at about that time? Louis Armstrong did a version, and here it is:

P.S. Lohner created another classic film-inspired font, although unlike "True Confession," it's free. It's called "Libeled Lady," for the '36 screwball comedy starring William Powell, Myrna Loy, Jean Harlow and Spencer Tracy:

Download it for free by going to http://haroldsfonts.com/portfolio/libeled-lady/.

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