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Since it's Caturday, let's get artistic

Carole Lombard wasn't a dog person, or a cat person, but a pet person. Her fondness for all sorts of species was evident to the public...but today we'll focus on her feline side. Why? Because of this unusual artwork:

From all I know about Carole, she would laugh herself silly over this -- a 12" x 12" matted (or should that be catted?) pic of Lombard's famed ad for "Love Before Breakfast" hovering above seven kitties modeling fashions (and wondering to themselves, "What the heck is going on?").

It's from artist Jay Thompson, who explains it all on the back:

This initially sold for $30, but you can get it for $12.99. So don't let the cat get your tongue -- go to https://www.ebay.com/itm/JAY-THOMPSON-Love-Before-Breakfast-Art-Print-12-12-NEW-Retro-Cat-Carol-Lombard/222984784276?hash=item33eaedc994:g:gGAAAOSwHcpasHgu, and pronto. A perfect gift for the crazy cat lady (or gentleman) in your life...and we use that kidding term in the nicest way possible.

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