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A different angle on Lombard

This luscious photo of Carole Lombard wearing a nightgown, looking oh so seductive, ran in the New York Sunday News and other publications in 1941. But it's not the only shot of her from that session. Witness:

More proof Carole looked good from nearly every angle.

Those and other Lombard images -- 25 in all -- are available from tylrell80, an eBay seller based in Tennessee. Most of the pics are in black and white, but two are in color:

Whether black and white or color, each photo -- a professional 8" x 10" reprint and are $19.99 each. However, purchase three or more and you get 25 percent off.

View all 25 photos by visiting http://stores.ebay.com/tylrell80?_dmd=1&_nkw=carole+lombard.

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