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'Screen Guide', December 1937: Rocking those stockings

Ask a movie buff to mention a 1930s actress with great legs, and it's unlikely Carole Lombard will be the first one he or she mentions. (That honor probably will go to her Paramount stablemate, Marlene Dietrich.) But in her time, Carole was renowned for her shapely legs...and we have proof from a movie magazine of that era.

Lombard popped up frequently in Screen Guide (she's shown fronting the October 1938 issue), but in December 1937, its cover subject wasn't her, but red-hot Robert Taylor:

Never fret, though -- Carole's represented in this issue. While her legs looked alluring in swimwear...

...when away from the beach in the 1930s, women rarely, if ever, went bare-legged; it simply wasn't done. Instead, stockings were de rigueur for most occasions -- remember, pantyhose weren't invented until 1959, and weren't popularized until hems rose in the late '60s.

So silk stockings were the chic option in feminine legwear, and the leggy Lombard provided some tips to guys on how to put a pair on "your best girl":

It's called "Carole Lombard's Stocking Secret," though we unfortunately don't get to see those Lombard legs in action. Instead, it's demonstrated by a model following Carole's instructions. (In the spring of 1940, nylon stockings -- far cheaper and more durable than the silken counterparts -- would revolutionize the hosiery industry.)

There's lots of other stuff in this issue, too, such as a pic of Mary Dees, who gained fleeting fame as the actress who doubled for the late Jean Harlow in "Saratoga":

How about a two-page spread on French import Danielle Darrieux? (A legend in her homeland, she reached the age of 100 and died last October.)

The delightful Latina star Dolores Del Rio is shown as part of a series of "authentic portraits":

Greta Garbo, always good copy, is featured:

And the back-page ad reveals many were choosing to shoot home movies of their own:

The December '37 Screen Guide is now available via eBay. The issue measures 10" x 13", roughly the same size as the year-old Life magazine. It's described as in "very good overall condition, just a little spine wear." Bidding on this issue opens at $8.99, and bids are scheduled to close at 5:31 p.m. (Eastern) Sunday.

Care to make a bid, or simply curious? Then go to https://www.ebay.com/itm/SCREEN-GUIDE-Dec-1937-ROBERT-TAYLOR-cover-Greta-Garbo-Carole-Lombard/372300804334?hash=item56aedb70ee. As that 1970s commercial slogan goes, nothing beats a great pair of legs.


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