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'Advertise'-ing a Lombard lobby card

"It Pays To Advertise" was the first of five Carole Lombard films released at Paramount during the first half of 1931. Also with Lombard are Norman Foster, Skeets Gallagher and Eugene Pallette, five years before he would play the father of Carole's character in "My Man Godfrey." Even late-silent icon Louise Brooks is in the cast, though she only appears in one early scene and has no interaction with Lombard.

This was Carole's third movie at Paramount, and after eliciting good reaction for her two 1930 films for the studio -- "Safety in Numbers" and "Fast and Loose" -- officials sought to build her up as a leading lady. It's a programmer and little more though it has its moments. While it would take another year for Lombard to be top-billed, in "No One Man," this vehicle certainly helped make her more visible to moviegoers.

An original lobby card for "Advertise" is now up for auction at eBay:

Lombard and Foster are clearly a romantic couple, as a focus on them makes absolutely clear:

The card is said to be in very good condition.

Bidding opens at $89.99, a reasonable price for a lobby card that's now 87 years old. The auction is slated to end at 10:13 p.m. (Eastern) next Thursday.

interested, or merely curious? You can check on all the particulars by visiting https://www.ebay.com/itm/It-Pays-To-Advertise-1931-Paramount-lobby-card-Carole-Lombard-Norman-Foster/282923024924?hash=item41df86c21c:g:Mr0AAOSwH2Ja0BGp.

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