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Carole + canines, felines, etc.: It's #NationalPetDay!

Were Carole Lombard here today, I'm certain she'd celebrate #NationalPetDay, a day when we honor our furry friends. It doesn't matter whether you're a dog or cat person -- or the not-so-rare breed who enjoys them equally -- or are into anything from rabbits to iguanas. Pets provide peace of mind, companionship and so much more.

Many Hollywood folk were and are pet lovers, and Lombard ranked with the best of them. Her menagerie was diverse, as seen above, and here are several more pics of Carole and her critters, beginning with a quartet of kittens:

Lombard's Pekingese, Pushface, appeared with her in 1936's "Love Before Breakfast":

Here's Carole with a Samoyed in the late '20s:

Carole and second husband Clark Gable adored horses and kept a few on their ranch:

Lombard mimics a sheepdog in this hilarious still:

Carole will get your goat (or is that a lamb?) in this autographed photo:

Perhaps Lombard's favorite horse was Pico, a gelded Palomino filly. Here they are from about 1937:

This image of Carole with a white cat is a screenshot from her 1935 film "Hands Across the Table":

And finally, Carole going after geese:

Give your pet an extra treat today. Lombard certainly would.
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