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A document with the Lombard Factor

Like so many in the film industry, Carole Lombard owed a lot to Max Factor, whose work in cosmetics for movies aided scores of actors. And as his company expanded into products for the general public, Lombard was among the stars who helped promote them.

A document from July 13, 1932 has surfaced where Carole gave the company permission to use her image in advertising:

As might be expected during the heyday of the studio system, this promotion -- for window displays, billboards, daily newspapers and magazines -- was under the strict aegis of her home studio at the time, which was Paramount (her current or upcoming film was to be featured in any ad). If Carole was compensated for this, either monetarily or with a supply of Max Factor items, it's not listed here. All we have is her signature.

As a result of the agreement, one saw Lombard in ads such as this:

In January 1975, this and several other contracts signed by Golden Age legends were borrowed, via an inter-office memorandum:

The '32 and '75 documents are on sale at Invaluable.com for $2,800. If you're a serious Carole collector (as you'd have to be at that price), learn more by visiting https://www.invaluable.com/buy-now/-CED4D1BAC5?utm_source=inv_kwalert&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=keywordalertlive&utm_term=2.


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