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A Lombard twist to a meme 'In a world'

Carole Lombard's celebrity resonates with millions, more than three-quarters of a century after her premature death. She wasn't famous merely for being famous, but because of her skills at work (a talented actress and arguably the person most identified with the genre known as "screwball comedy") and away from it (she was among the most popular people in the entertainment industry, renowned for her generosity and decency, though she also possessed a lively, ribald streak).

Compare Carole to some of the folk we refer to as "celebrities" these days, and most of them come up a little short...particularly the family now most associated with "reality" TV. We are, of course, referring to the Kardashians.

Kim, Khloe, et al have made a fortune, although their principal talent appears to be self-promotion -- something that's made them millionaires many times over. (Reminds you of someone on Pennsylvania Avenue?) That has drawn them as much scorn as admiration, if not more so, as they've eclipsed the likes of Paris Hilton as symbols of decadence.

As part of that resentment of celebrity for celebrity's sake, a meme has emerged in recent years: "In a world full of Kardashians, be a..." It first gained popular note in late 2015, when images began circulating using Princess Diana and Gillian Anderson's "X-Files" character Dana Scully as worthy contrasts to the seemingly vacuous Kardashian clan.

In ensuing months, other notables received similar treatment, including Audrey Hepburn and Carole's RKO pal Lucille Ball:

But Lombard has been overlooked by mememakers...until now.

I have created not one, but two memes reminding people what a constructive role model Carole was, and I'm happy to share them with you. First, this striking black-and-white image:

Next, Carole in color, a screengrab from "Nothing Sacred":

Share either, or both, to your heart's content.

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