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Add yet another to the list of Lombard books

Above is a poster from 1932's "Virtue," the first of five films Carole Lombard would make for Columbia and arguably her best performance until another Columbia release two years later, "Twentieth Century."

We bring this up because today I discovered that nearly a year ago, a book has been out profiling Lombard movie posters. Its cover is adapted from perhaps her best-known poster, the one from 1936's Universal release, "Love Before Breakfast," where Carole adorns things with a black eye:

Its author is Greg Lenburg, who has written numerous books on movie posters of classic stars -- among his other subjects in that field are Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant, Harold Lloyd, Marilyn Monroe, Kirk Douglas, Charlie Chaplin, Dean Martin and Clint Eastwood. (You can find them all at http://www.greglenburg.com/p/movie-poster-books-m-z.html.)

He's also written or co-written several books on the Three Stooges, whose short subjects were popular in theaters for decades before they found new life on television. Of those, his best-known is "The Three Stooges Scrapbook -- Updated Edition."

Here's the back cover of the 52-page Lombard poster book:

I have no idea which Lombard posters were selected, as I have yet to see the book. But since Lenburg has been doing this for some time, I'm presuming the images are both attractive and well-presented, with perhaps a surprise or two along the way. Might this one be among them?

To order the Lombard book, go to the URL above, or visit amazon.com (https://www.amazon.com/Carole-Lombard-Movie-Poster-Book/dp/1544132662) or eBay (https://www.ebay.com/itm/Carole-Lombard-Movie-Poster-Book/273009479394?epid=236773608&hash=item3f90a20ee2:g:YU4AAOSwAaJaTVnt).

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