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A contract for Carole

As I've often noted, "Vigil in the Night" isn't the easiest of Carole Lombard's films to watch, particularly for those of us who adore Carole as a comedic icon. At the same time, it's well crafted (as you would expect from a movie directed by George Stevens), and Lombard gives a performance that shows her intensity, intelligence and seriousness.

Now a document relating to the film has surfaced on eBay. It's dated June 6, 1939, amending a contract she had previously signed with RKO.

As you can see, it's a framed two-page contract complemented with a pair of photos. Here are the pages individually, including Lombard's signature; unfortunately, I can't rotate these images on my computer. Perhaps you can on yours.

The framed item measures 24" x 18 1/4".

As one would expect, this won't come cheaply. The price under the "buy it now" option is $1,175; payment plans include $49 for 24 months. You can also make an offer.

To buy or learn more, go to https://www.ebay.com/itm/CAROLE-LOMBARD-Contract-signed-June-6-1939-Framed-With-Photos/182923700663?hash=item2a971a29b7:g:iJAAAOSwFyhaGM8b.

It's a fascinating souvenir from one of Lombard's often overlooked films.


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