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Go west, bad Carole

"The Arizona Kid" (1930) has a rather unusual spot in the Carole Lombard oeuvre. Let us explain why:

* It's the only surviving film, and her lone talkie, from Fox Studios, where she toiled as a starlet for several silents in 1925 before an auto accident sidelined her and led Fox to decline to renew her contract.

* Carole filmed it soon after Pathe dropped her from its roster in late 1929 and not long before Paramount would hire her, later signing Lombard to a seven-year contract.

* It was her last Western (she'd made a few oaters in her first go-round at Fox), and the only time in her career she played a villainess.

To be fair, she's not a major part of the movie -- that went to Warner Baxter, reprising the role that won him an Academy Award the previous year for "In Old Arizona." In fact, Lombard's not even on the main title card:

It's not a particularly easy movie to find, but now it's available on DVD for $9.99 through eBay's "buy it now" policy. Learn more by visiting https://www.ebay.com/itm/THE-ARIZONA-KID-1930-Warner-Baxter-Carole-Lombard/182905655090?hash=item2a9606cf32:g:g2EAAOSwn2JZ3nEA.

And for those of you wondering, "Isn't this a Fox property?" (20th or 21st Century.) Well, maybe it isn't. At the bottom of the listing reads this note: "Copyrighted 04/12/1930, copyright expired 05/09/1957 and was not renewed." If it's been in the public domain for more than six decades, it's a bit of a surprise it hasn't appeared in some sort of previous video version.

Whatever, it's good to have available for fans of early westerns, Carole completists and anyone else.


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