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A reissue I missed

"Hands Across the Table" is probably my favorite Carole Lombard film made at Paramount. It has laughs (as seen in this scene, where Carole pretends to sound like a long-distance operator, to Fred MacMurray's delight), romance, even more sexual tension than a 1935 film was supposed to have, thanks to deft direction from Mitchell Leisen.

But until recently, I didn't know this and three other Lombard titles from the mid-1930s were reissued last year. Forgive my ignorance, but for much of 2016 I was concentrating on other stuff -- mundane things like housing, employment, money and so on. (Housing's been resolved for now, and I have a bit of financial security, but I'm still searching for a job.) I wasn't spending much time in video stores, what few exist today, but if I had, I certainly would have noticed this:

It's called the "Universal Hollywood Icons Collection," four films on two DVDs. It includes Carole's two Universal titles, "My Man Godfrey" and "Love Before Breakfast," as well as "Hands Across the Table" and another collaboration with MacMurray, "True Confession." (Many of Paramount's pre-1948 films wound up at Universal.) Similar sets were issued for Marlene Dietrich, James Stewart and Gregory Peck.

Some of you may be saying, "All well and good, but why would I need another Lombard set if I possess...

..."Carole Lombard: The Glamour Collection," which Universal issued in 2006?

Well, for one thing, "Godfrey" wasn't part of it (and while I haven't seen this set, I understand from comments posted online that this version is restored, not taken from public domain). For another, it was issued on a two-sided DVD, unlike this collection.

So it sounds as if it's worth checking out, and thanks to eBay, you can do just that.

A brand new Region 1 version of the Lombard set is being sold for $8.27 through eBay's "buy it now" option. Even better, two copies are available as of this writing -- so if you'd like to introduce Carole and the joy of classic Hollywood to a budding fan while keeping the other for yourself, you can. Simply go to https://www.ebay.com/itm/Universal-Hollywood-Icons-Collection-Carole-Lombard-DVD-2016-2-Disc-Set/132391975566?epid=220944744&hash=item1ed32d3a8e:g:59QAAOSwSlBYwGeG. It's sure to make a splash.


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