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Signing a jumper for Sally

Who's the woman with Carole Lombard and Clark Gable, attending a boxing match at Los Angeles Wrigley Field in the spring of 1937? It's actress Sally Eilers, an old school pal of Carole's (Fairfax High in Los Angeles) who appeared in a few of Lombard's two-reelers for Mack Sennett, then had a successful career in her own right (http://carole-and-co.livejournal.com/275558.html).

Want proof of their tight relationship? Toni-Jade Tirone, who posts Lombard material at Instagram, received obtained this pic from a friend and allowed me to share this late 1920s image with you. Look at what Carole's wearing:

It's a jumper with Eilers' name on it.

You don't think of designs like these when it comes to '20s fashion, but I'm guessing this must have been popular with that era's college crowd. In 1927, Marion Davies starred as a basketball-crazy student in "The Fair Co-Ed," and a publicity still from the film shows Davies wearing a somewhat similar shirt honoring aviation hero Charles Lindbergh, whose solo flight across the Atlantic took place that May. She's wearing that same style of shirt in the picture that follows.

Which reminds me -- the other day, someone showed this 1929 pic of Carole at San Simeon, with Dolores Del Rio at left. Can anyone identify who's standing above them? (Lombard was no stranger to William Randolph Hearst and his family; while attending Fairfax High, she dated one of W.R.'s sons.)

Tirone told me she may soon post a few of her Lombard-related clippings at Instagram, which I can then show my readers. Looking forward to it.

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