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Lombard lands on a London list for laughs...twice

It's a time when we could use some laughs, and thanks to BBC Culture, we're getting some. With assistance from Carole Lombard.

The British site recently asked 253 critics from 52 countries to list their 10 favorite comedies, and we're pleased to say two of Carole's movies made the list -- "To Be Or Not To Be" at 13th, and "My Man Godfrey" at 52nd. The entire list is at http://www.darkhorizons.com/critics-vote-the-100-greatest-comedies/.

Billy Wilder's 1959 cross-dressing romp "Some Like It Hot" took the top spot. The rest of the top 12:

2. "Dr. Strangelove" (1964)
3. "Annie Hall" (1977)
4. "Groundhog Day" (1993)
5. "Duck Soup" (1933)
6. "Life of Brian" (1979)
7. "Airplane!" (1980)
8. "Playtime" (1967)
9. "This Is Spinal Tap" (1984)
10. "The General" (1926)
11. "The Big Lebowski" (1998)
12. "Modern Times" (1936)

"Playtime" is from French comedic master Jacques Tati. You should be familiar with the rest.

I'm frankly a bit surprised "Modern Times," and not "City Lights," was the highest-rated Chaplin (the latter placed 21st, with "The Great Dictator" 16th; the only other from Charlie was "The Gold Rush" at 25th). Keaton also had "Sherlock Jr." at 18th and "Seven Chances" at 51st, just in front of "Godfrey." The only Harold Lloyd film on the list was "Safety Last" at 83rd, but then again Lloyd had the most American following of the three.

What other Lombard films do I wish had made the list? "Twentieth Century," the movie that put her on the map -- three others directed by Howard Hawks qualified, "His Girl Friday" at 14th, the overrated (to me, anyway) "Bringing Up Baby" at 17th and "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" at 87th. You could also make an argument for "Nothing Sacred." (Frank Capra's "It Happened One Night," which kicked off the screwball genre, placed 28th.)

Take a look at the list, and tell us your reaction.

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