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Sizing things up for classic blondes

It's an understatement to say that Carole Lombard looked lovely in a swimsuit. But numerically, how well did she fill one? And how did she compare with other blondes noted for their cinematic sex appeal?

We may have an answer.

A site I just discovered, http://classicblondes.com (which lists itself as "an appreciation of old Hollywood blondes"), did an entry last month listing measurements of Lombard and 13 other light-haired legends. It then used Sears sizing charts from its spring 1955 catalog as well as this year's. (As my female friends well know, sizing changes over the years, often making it difficult to compare and contrast.) The '55 page is below:

We've occasionally discussed Lombard's height over the years, as it's long (pardon the pun) but the subject of debate (http://carole-and-co.livejournal.com/25477.html). Now, let's examine the rest of her.

Here's how Carole measured up. According to MGM's Adrian via the Internet Movie Database, her figure was 34-24-34. In 1955 terms, she'd be a misses size 10-12:

Using 2017 criteria:

Today, Lombard would be a tiny little thing wearing sizes 0-4, a few inches taller than Kristin Chenoweth but in terms of curves, not much bigger. Of course, improved nutrition and other factors have led to women getting both taller and larger generation by generation.

How about a head-to-head matchup between Facebook friend Mamie Van Doren (who with Kim Novak are the only ones of the 14 still with us) and '50s contemporary Marilyn Monroe?

In '55 Van Doren was misses size 16 in the bust, 8 in the waist and 12 in the hips, whereas Monroe wore sizes 16, 8 and 14 in the respective categories. Transfer their '50s figures to today, and Mamie would have a size 10 bust, zero waist and 2 hips; Marilyn would be 10, zero and 6. (I should also note that today's Mamie, in her 80s, still looks fabulous.)

The other blondes in this entry? Jayne Mansfield, Jean Harlow, Ginger Rogers, Anita Ekberg, Betty Grable, Grace Kelly, Veronica Lake, Lana Turner, Mae West and Marlene Dietrich -- a talented, beautiful list. See the entry at https://classicblondes.com/2017/06/19/what-size-did-my-favorite-blonde-wear/.

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