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10 years, 3,333 entries: Celebrating a decade

What a milestone.

A decade ago today, I decided to convert my affection for Carole Lombard, my favorite classic-era actress, into a blog saluting both her and the golden age of Hollywood. Look where it's taken me -- both figuratively and literally.

At the start, I envisioned this site as a nice way to fill time and webspace with images of Lombard, an occasional story about her and so on. I had no idea how this endeavor would grip me...and I've long since gladly fallen into Carole's clutches. It's a charming place to be.

Ten years ago, I was a copy editor for a daily newspaper in northern Virginia, and I used my journalistic background to research this fascinating woman, learn what she was all about. It so happened that Carole & Co. coincided with the exponential growth of the Internet and projects such as the Media History Digital Library (http://mediahistoryproject.org/), an invaluable online archive for anyone pursuing entertainment history.

Through it, I found goodies such as this incredible cover of Carole, in full honest-to-goodness color (by fabled photographer Edwin Bower Hesser, no less), from Hollywood magazine of July 1931:

Yes, fan magazines and newspapers of the era often cultivated what we in our ideologically-driven times call "fake news," three-fourths of a century before Facebook and Twitter began. But if you read between the lines and know how to discern the gold from the dross, much valuable and fascinating material comes through -- and over the years, I've harvested much of it, items heretofore lost to history.

Through this site, I've made plenty of friends -- authors such as Michelle Morgan and Robert Matzen who have converted their research of Lombard into book form, all sorts of Carole collectors who continue to uncover fascinating items, and folks who are simply fans. It says something about her timeless appeal that few, if any, today were alive while she was (Lombard left this earth more than 13 1/2 years before I arrived); fewer actually met her. Yet she remains beloved.

Thank you -- and Carole -- for a delightful decade.

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