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We're going to 'Stand Tall!' Sunday. Join us.

Posted by vp19 on 2017.03.10 at 07:49
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We're not sure if this behind-the-scenes photo of a smiling Carole Lombard during production on "To Be Or Not To Be" was taken during a table read of the screenplay, but you can be sure that Lombard participated in many a script table read from her first talkie on. And this Sunday, I'll get a similar feeling.

That's because my romantic comedy screenplay "Stand Tall!" will get its own read. Needless to say, I'm excited.

I've mentioned this script a few times before at this site, but just to reacquaint you, "Stand Tall!" is a romcom spin on a perennial sci-fi subgenre, the "giant woman" movie -- although our oversized leading lady would rather entertain people than attack them. As the logline describes this towering tale, "A Vegas waitress made 16 feet tall falls in love with the scientist who accidentally enlarged her. She sacrifices her size and fame to save him when he's kidnapped by a blackmailing mobster." (See the entire 102-page screenplay at https://filmfreeway.com/projects/476988.)

Its sensibility is simultaneously retro and feminist, a little bit kitsch but with lots of heart. People who have read it generally like it (though that doesn't mean it didn't need improvements; I've refined and rewritten it more than a few times). I've had "Stand Tall!" read a few times in segments, but this marks its premiere as a start-to-finish, one-take read.

This table read is being conducted by the Meetup group "Table Reads; Valley Edition," a group of fellow screenwriters. It will take place from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. this Sunday (March 12) at Tea Pop, 5050 Vineland Avenue in North Hollywood. If you're in SoCal, you're cordially invited to come by, have some tea or coffee and listen to this romantic and comic tall tale. I'd enjoy getting your reactions (and suggestions for future rewrites).

My hope is that sometime soon, I can do another "Stand Tall!" table read with professional actors, perhaps inviting a few potential producers to take a look. (If you're a producer who likes romantic comedy, please visit Sunday.)

My screenwriting career continues to progress; your support is appreciated.

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