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Ryan and Emma rode it. Soon you can, too.

Carole Lombard, in white wide-brimmed hat, is pushed out of a New York subway train apparently constructed on the Paramount lot in the opening of her 1935 film "Hands Across the Table." We have no idea whether Carole ever rode another train associated with Los Angeles, but chances are she did at one time or another:

We're referring to Angels Flight, the beloved funicular that from 1901 to 1969 carried millions of riders up and down Bunker Hill (the above photo is from 1960), then was revived half a block north in 1996, after urban renewal wiped out the neighborhood. We've written about this before (http://carole-and-co.livejournal.com/460299.html), and we have some good news to report: In six months' time, Olivet and Sinai, the two cars that have sit so forlornly at the top of Angels Flight since September 2013, will be up and about by Labor Day.

What's that? You thought they already were running? You probably got that impression from watching "La La Land," the love letter to Los Angeles that, for a minute or so, was the Academy Award winner for Best Picture.

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone were shown riding it in a scene, although such a shoot was apparently prohibited while the funicular was shut down (http://www.ladowntownnews.com/news/angels-flight-cameo-is-a-no-no/article_54745b3c-b016-11e6-a4e1-2f30aa74eea5.html).

But Wednesday, mayor Eric Garcetti announced that a public-private partnership will run Angels Flight under a 30-year contract, with some safety precautions added (http://www.dailynews.com/general-news/20170301/after-a-cameo-in-la-la-land-angels-flight-railway-set-to-fly-again-by-labor-day).

It'll be wonderful to see this bit of vintage Los Angeles back in service again, and I eagerly await an opportunity to ride.

Gosling said regarding the film in general and Angels Flight in particular, "This was an opportunity to show an L.A. that's still there...you've got to squint your eyes a little, but there are still places in L.A. that are still part of the golden years of Los Angeles and Hollywood in its heyday. I lived around the corner for a long time from Angels Flight, though I never got to ride Angels Flight because it had ben shut down." (A fatal accident in 2001 shut the funicular, and it wasn't reopened until 2010.) "Those places are still there...these gems, and we were able to shoot them one by one." (http://laist.com/2016/11/25/angels_flight_la_la_land.php#photo-1)

This fall, you'll be able to ride Angels Flight, too -- indeed a gem in this "city of stars."

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