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Do me a favor, and please do it now!

My romantic comedy "Stand Tall!" is in the running for a $250 prize in the Thanksgiving best screenplay contest at IndieWise, part of the IndustryBOOST competition.

You only have a few hours to help -- the deadline is 8:30 p.m. Pacific/11:30 p.m. Eastern, a bit more than 15 hours from when I typed this.

Here's what you do:

* Go to https://getindiewise.com/eQ8gqp4EDal, where you can read my script (which I hope you genuinely love). After the final page, you can provide feedback, helping with my ratings. If you join GetIndieWise.com (it's free), you can nominate it for best screenplay. The most-nominated script wins $250.

I've already earned finalist status, but winning the cash would be nice, too. (And I could use it.)

By the way, there's lots of stuff going on in Lombardland...and come tomorrow (Thanksgiving), I intend to tell you all anout it.

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