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News of a birthday present -- to us!

This just in from Michelle Morgan:

"The books have arrived in the warehouse and publisher's office! This means that UK bookshops will start to receive them very soon. Overseas fans can still order them though, from Amazon and The Book Depository, etc. Happy Birthday to Carole, and Happy Publication day, too! I'm very happy!"

We can tell, Michelle, from all those exclamation points.

The book, of course, is "Carole Lombard: Twentieth-Century Star," Morgan's long-awaited Lombard biography, from the British publisher The History Press. And isn't it fitting that news of the release takes place on the anniversary of Carole's birth? (Did she use her celestial powers to make sure it happened that way? I wouldn't put it past her.)

In ensuing weeks, many of us will receive copies of this book, and I'm certain we will cherish it. Those of us who have enjoyed Morgan's books on Marilyn Monroe and other subjects look forward to seeing what nuggets of Lombardiana she has uncovered through her thorough research.

Somewhere, Lombard is smiling. So are we.

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