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TCM's birthday present: Lots of Lombard

For the 108th anniversary of her birth on Thursday, Turner Classic Movies is multiplying Carole Lombard by five. That's right -- five films of hers will be shown during the day, and it's a good collection, focusing on the last few years of her career.

Things begin at 6:30 a.m. (Eastern) with 1937's "Nothing Sacred," her only three-strip Technicolor feature, followed at 7:45 with her other movie for Selznick International, "Made For Each Other" with James Stewart. Then it's a trio from RKO: "Vigil In THe Night" at 9:30, "In Name Only" (her only starring vehicle with Cary Grant) at 11:15 and the 1941 "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" with Robert Montgomery (directed by Alfred Hitchcock, his lone romantic comedy) at 1 p.m. (That segues into several of Hitch's other films.)

The schedule for the day is at http://www.tcm.com/schedule/index.html?tz=PST&sdate=2016-10-06. Enjoy.

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