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Can you wait a little while longer?

It'll be worth it, I promise. What am I talking about? This.

Michelle Morgan's long-anticipated Carole Lombard biography, "Carole Lombard: Twentieth-Century Star," was scheduled to be released in Great Britain (where Morgan is from) on Thursday. But this morning came an update from Morgan's Facebook author site:

"Heads up, Carole fans -- I have just heard from my publisher, and although the official publication date for the Carole book was 8th September, they are now not expecting copies to arrive in their office and distribution centre until at least the 5th October. This means that book shops won't have it in stock until shortly after that, This is extremely disappointing, especially as since there has not been an explanation as to why the hold-up has occurred. However, I will keep you all up-to-date with developments, and I hope that the copies come in much sooner than they are currently anticipating. Please keep your pre-orders in place, as books will be sent out as soon as they are ready. Sorry for any inconvenience!"

"Disappointing" is an accurate word...but for those of us who have waited years for this, what promises to be the definitive Lombard bio, we can afford to wait several weeks more. And Oct. 5 is the eve of the 108th anniversary of Carole's birth. (Yes, I suppose that's rationalizing.)

Understandably, Morgan fears some may decide to cancel their pre-orders -- but I think fans of both Lombard's cinematic work and Michelle's books on classic Hollywood will continue their support. Keep the faith.

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