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Nine years! Hard to believe

That's right -- it was nine years ago today this site began, as a way to honor Carole Lombard, her life and times, and the people she worked with. As blogs often do, Carole & Co. soon took a life of its own, and in those nine years, nearly 3,300 entries have appeared.

My life too has significantly changed, a major reason posts this year have been relatively few -- and this from someone who prided himself on doing some sort of entry every day. (Now I seek to do a few each month.) Reality often sends you in another direction, forcing you to reassess your priorities. While I won't burden you with the particulars, that's more or less what's happened to me.

This promises to be an epic year for Lombard fandom. Michelle Morgan's long-awaited biography of Carole is scheduled to arrive in less than three months, and if her previous biographies -- whose subjects have ranged from Marilyn Monroe to Madonna to Thelma Todd -- are indicative of what we can expect, there's a very good chance her book will take its place as the definitive Lombard bio.

There are some intriguing things happening in my life as well, things I promise to fill you in on later this week. For now, let's celebrate Carole & Co.'s number nine...with hopes that when its 10th anniversary occurs in June 2017, the celebration will be far less muted.


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