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'Herald'-ing 'Bolero'

With the Production Code drawing ever closer to strict enforcement in the first few months of 1934 (it came to be in July), Carole Lombard showed off her sexy side in "Bolero." Not only did she dance sensually with George Raft (with whom she did the horizontal dance off-screen), but earlier in the movie she danced before Raft in her underwear...

...leading one writer to comment in a Carole retrospective piece a few years back that at the time, men in the audience must have deemed her "the best lay in the world." (Wish I'd written that.)

Paramount put much of its publicity power on behalf of "Bolero," as this ad from the Feb. 10, 1934 Motion Picture Herald made clear:

It must be noted Paramount didn't ignore the other stars in its stable -- witness this for "Six of a Kind," where George Burns and Gracie Allen, who would provide support for Carole and Bing Crosby i "We're Not Dressing," here did likewise for W.C. Fields:

MGM, in contrast, needed but one word to promote "Queen Christina"...

And RKO went the adventure route for John Ford's "The Lost Patrol," starring Victor McLaglen and of all people, Boris Karloff::

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